9 October 2017 – Beleaguered in Bothell

Musings in Autumn: Alain de Botton

“It’s not just children who are childlike. Adults, too, are – beneath the bluster – intermittently playful, silly, fanciful, vulnerable, hysterical, terrified, and pitiful and in search of consolation and forgiveness.
We’re well versed at seeing the sweet and the fragile in children and offering them help and comfort accordingly. Around them, we know how to put aside the worst of our compulsions, vindictiveness and fury. We can recalibrate our expectations and demand a little less than we normally do; we’re slower to anger and a bit more aware of unrealised potential. We readily treat children with a degree of kindness that we are oddly and woefully reluctant to show to our peers.
It is a wonderful thing to live in a world where so many people are nice to children. It would be even better if we lived in one where we were a little nicer to the childlike sides of one another.”

Art for Autumn – Part I of V: Bruno Zupan (Slovenian, contemporary)

Below – “Four Seasons”

Remembering a Writer on the Date of His Birth: Born 9 October 1908 – Henry (Harry) Arthur Hooton, Australian poet and social commentator.

“My Poems”
By Harry Hooton

My poems
Aren’t meant
For ordinary people
For ordinary people
Don’t want
My poems.
Ordinary people are
Already perfect.
My poems are purgatives
For extraordinary people
Stupefied by education people
To bring them up to the level of ordinary people
Who know too much to read
And so do not need
My poems.

Art for Autumn – Part II of V: Anatoly Zverev (Russian, 1931-1986)

Below – Untitled Watercolor

Worth a Thousand Words: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Art for Autumn – Part III of V: Alex Zwarenstein (British, contemporary)

Below – “Bridges of Florence”; “But February Was Fine”

This Date in Photojournalism – Part I of II: Born 9 October 1911 – Joseph John Rosenthal, American photographer who received the Pulitzer Prize for his iconic World War II photograph “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.”

Art for Autumn – Part IV of V: Vano Abuladze (Georgian, contemporary)

Below – “Ostrich”; “Wild Pig”

Musings in Autumn: Lucy Maud Montgomery

“If we don’t chase things, sometimes the things following us can catch up.”

Below – Inna Montano: “Girl Sitting on a Beach Daydreaming”

Art for Autumn – Part V of V: William Acheff (American, contemporary)

Below – “Tewa Spirit”

This Date in Photojournalism – Part II of II: Born 9 October 1935: Sir Donald McCullin, British photojournalist best known for his war photography and images of urban strife.

Below – “Turkish Woman, With Her Son, Learning of the Death of Her Husband Killed by Greek Militia, Gaziveren, Cyprus (1964).”

Contemporary German Art – Catrin Weitz-Stein

Artist Statement: “My images are all digital made. I collect old images and illustrations and put them new together in Photoshop. The working process is based on combining and the division of photographs, with removing, filling and retouch. Using digital medium I have far more creative possibilities and I can work much faster then on the Canvas. Perhaps, my skills have been formed during the long years of working in front of my computer. Thanks to all that I can create my art best in digital.”

Below – “The Wolf”; “Hang in There”; “The High Priestess”; “The Hierophant”; “The Fool”; “The Sirens.”

Musings in Autumn: Rick Bass

“I do not concern myself with my inability to feel such comfort amidst humans (other than with very few friends and family), but, rather, am simply thankful that at least dogs exist, and I’m humbly aware of how much less a person I’d be – how less a human – if they did not exist.”


Below – Antonio Rotta (Italian, 1828-1903): “A Man and His Dog”

American Art – Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)

In the words of one writer, “Pennsylvania Artist Andrew Wyeth had a vivid memory and fantastic imagination that led to a great fascination for art. Andrew Wyeth held his first one-man show of watercolors painted around the family’s summer home at Port Clyde, Maine in 1937. It was a great success that would lead to plenty more.”

“Northern Point”; “Indian Summer”; “Jacklight”; “Outpost”; “Christina’s Teapot”; “Dodge’s Ridge.”

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