Wine Review

Verge Wine Cellars
Dry Creek Valley
2006 Syrah
Price: about $40

This Syrah is a stunning first effort from Verge Wine Cellars. It has lush dark berry and plum flavors with hints of spice and cocoa lingering in the background that lead to a long, polished finish. With its firm tannins and assertive character, this wine should probably be decanted for at least one hour before serving, since it will then open up and blossom beautifully. While it is certainly complex enough to accompany fine cuisine, this wine can also complement less lofty fare. For example, I cannot imagine a more pleasant way to transcend the trials of a chilling winter day than with a glass of Verge Wine Cellars Syrah and a bowl of hearty stew served with some crusty home-made bread. Since allocations of this limited-production wine will be small in all markets, I urge wine lovers to obtain a bottle as soon as possible.

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  1. tordue says:

    Sounds delightful. Sonoma County vintners insist that 2005 wines are best, but it sounds like Verge’s 2006 has fared well.

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