Television Romance

samanthaLike many boys, I developed a crush on a television star when I was about ten years old. In my case, the beauty who captured my heart was Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha on “Bewitched,” and I remember how her poster decorated a wall of my room. I loved many things about Samantha – how she talked, her sense of humor, and the way her nose wrinkled when she worked her magic. To my great surprise and delight, I have recently developed a similar though less obsessive affection for a different television personality – Special Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) from “The X-Files.” I have no poster of Scully on any of my walls, but I do like her conversational style, and I find her wit and hard-nosed intelligence irresistible. I want to use my admiration for Scully to help me write this posting, in which I will describe some excellent wines.

On “The X-Files,” Scully is justifiably skeptical of irrational beliefs, but she would consider it a mark of sanity if any wine lover were to praise Dry Creek Vineyard Dry Creek Valley 2004 Merlot, and I do not think that anyone needs extrasensory abilities to appreciate how wonderful this wine would be with grilled meats or savory stews.

Not even all the detective skills that Scully learned at the FBI Academy could help her to find a bottle of Rafanelli 2005 Zinfandel in Arkansas, for this extraordinary wine is not available outside the winery.

I have already indicated how much I like to hear Scully talk, and I am equally pleased with a very eloquent wine – Dry Creek Vineyard Clarksburg 2007 Chenin Blanc. Even the technologically advanced extraterrestrials who are a regular feature on “The X-Files” would be impressed by the artistry evident in this altogether charming wine.

If I were lucky enough to cook dinner for Scully, I would serve it with a bottle of Beringer Napa Valley 2005 Private Reserve Chardonnay, and I would certainly suggest offering this exquisite wine to all the special people in our lives – and not just Special Agents.

scullyI know that Scully is, alas, merely a television character, and this fact precludes my ever taking her to the movies, buying her flowers, writing her a poem, or having a romantically meaningful conversation with her by candlelight. On the other hand, there are certain undeniable advantages in such a relationship. Scully will never sulk because I forgot our anniversary, whine about the insufficient attention I pay to her “affective self,” or complain because I watch too much football. I am happy to accept this “trade-off,” and I will continue to adore Scully from afar. Actually, the more I watch her, the more I think that Scully does, in fact, look and act a great deal like Samantha. In any case, I am happy to admit that I am once more bewitched by a lovely woman and delighted to discover that it is still possible for an intelligent and witty lady to work some magic in my life.

This posting first appeared as a wine column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I have changed the names and updated the vintages of the wines. Despite the passage of many years, I continue to admire Special Agent Dana Scully, and I still sometimes wish that I could take her to dinner.

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