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Dream Matches

I am sure that most parents of male children are acquainted with the “versus” ritual that takes the form of a question: Who would win in a fight between two individuals or groups? The discussions based on these vital issues … Continue reading

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True Blue

For Jon Tenzing Neralich Generational conflicts in our household are usually instigated by relatively harmless things, such as food or television programs. For example, our oldest son recently took a look at my trousers and summarily informed me that no … Continue reading

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Photographs: Tibet, India, and Nepal

MOUNT KAILASH, Western Tibet, Asian Horizons Tibet Trip 2004, Photograph courtesy of Elliot Smith HIGH PASS, Markha Valley, Ladakh, India, Asian Horizons Ladakh Trek 2005, Photograph courtesy of Andrew Head SAMYE MONASTERY, Tibet, Asian Horizons Tibet Trip 2005, Photograph courtesy … Continue reading

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Humbug Poll

As I was taking down holiday decorations recently, it occured to me that I am certainly not the only person in northwest Arkansas who did not receive his “dream gift” this past Christmas. Therefore, I decided to conduct a “Customer … Continue reading

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Shampoo Saga

I recently received new evidence that I am woefully ignorant of modern fashions, this time in matters of hair care. A few days ago, my middle son walked past me, and I remarked that he smelled like fruit salad. He … Continue reading

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For my three sons: The Moe, Larry, and Curly of my heart In my estimation, one tradition invariably compromises the joy that attends the new year: the custom of making implausible resolutions. This year, in an effort to forestall my … Continue reading

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The Contest

In honor of his twenty-first birthday, my son and I recently engaged in our first official “man-to-man” Frisbee golf game. Instead of simply reporting the result of this epic contest, I will describe and label three possible outcomes, provide the … Continue reading

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The Same Old Song

For Dougal Tukten Neralich Anyone who thinks that time travel is impossible should attend a high school prom, as I did recently, in response to my middle son’s suggestion that I be a chaperone for the last social function of … Continue reading

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Night and Day

The practice of organizing things into tidy categories is a typical and generally admirable habit of the human mind, and it is especially common for people to divide others into opposing personality types, such as conservative and liberal or classical … Continue reading

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Wine Recommendation

Two Rivers Winery Chateau Deux Fleuves Vineyards Mesa County 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Price: about $16 This impressive Colorado Cabernet         Sauvignon has generous dark berry, cherry, and spice flavors, a notably soft texture, and a polished, lingering finish. It would go … Continue reading

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