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Something Handy

Students often help their teachers discover interesting things, and thanks to my pupils, a few years ago I learned a great deal about an area of American culture that has been largely neglected by scholars. I noticed that many of … Continue reading

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Wine Recommendation

Pascual Toso 2007 Malbec Maipu Vineyards, Mendoza Argentina Price: about $12 This Malbec is certainly one of the “best buy” red wines that I have tasted recently. It has appealing cherry and dark berry aromas with hints of cocoa lingering … Continue reading

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The Wheel

October 1999: It is an overcast morning in the Arkansas Ozarks, and the lowering clouds threaten rain, but the air is fresh, and I am going to the War Eagle Craft Fair. I have never attended this almost legendary fair, … Continue reading

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Food and Wine

Though I am notoriously lactose-fickle, at the moment my favorite cheese is Cabot Horseradish Pasturized Process Cheddar Cheese, largely because of a discovery that I made concerning its affinity with wine. While the delectable tanginess of this cheese could overwhelm … Continue reading

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Movies for Valentine’s Day

As part of my mission to champion the cause of romantic love in the world, albeit only for today and in a curmudgeonly way, I am going to recommend three movies that love-struck couples can enjoy together on this, the … Continue reading

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Some Comments on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and I am quite naturally awash in sentiment, which is equal parts smarm and charm. While it is as easy to puncture the syrupy pretensions of this day with satirical barbs as it is for … Continue reading

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A New Superhero?

I recall my sorrow many years ago when I learned that Superman, at least in one updated and “improved” version, would no longer fly or even wear a cape. I was dismayed not only by the fact that an American … Continue reading

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The Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox arrived on 26 January 2009, and as I used to enjoy doing when I wrote editorials and wine reviews for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette , I am going to offer my predictions for the coming lunar … Continue reading

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I anticipate having many first-time readers today, and so I want to welcome them to “Food for the Spirit and the Soul,” and I also welcome anew people who have already visited my Web Site. In order for newcomers to … Continue reading

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Hippie Puritanism

I know that the expression “Hippie Puritanism” will stirke many readers as peculiar, but I employ it in a light-hearted way to introduce a potentially serious subject, namely, the manner in which many Americans simultaneously maintain an allegiance to two … Continue reading

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