Food and Wine

_cabotlogo2Though I am notoriously lactose-fickle, at the moment my favorite cheese is Cabot Horseradish Pasturized Process Cheddar Cheese, largely because of a discovery that I made concerning its affinity with wine. While the delectable tanginess of this cheese could overwhelm many wines, if thin slices of it are placed on just-grilled burgers – beef, turkey, or veggie, depending on your degree of hippiehood – and allowed to melt, they will amplify the pleasures of the meal considerably, especially if the burgers are paired with a stout Shiraz or robust Zinfandel. I suggest as side dishes sweet potato French fries and steamed broccoli, though I include this last item largely to silence any health nuts – I mean, of course, any wellness advocates – who might be present at the meal and who could compromise its pleasures by complaining about the richness of the fare. I promise that this wonderful cheese, if served as I have suggested, will help take the edge off the chill of even the bleakest winter day.

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