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Such stuff as dreams are made on: Two Wines from Joseph Phelps Vineyards

We all have had dreams that were so vivid and extraordinarily lovely that their memory haunted us long beyond awakening, filling our daytime hours with delight. If you can now recall one such reverie, then you will know what sort … Continue reading

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Fungus to Fortune: Thoughts in a Rainy Season

After days of near-constant rain, everything in the world seems covered with mold and mildew, but rather than complain, I am going to approach the mess as an opportunity to exhibit some entrepreneurial ingenuity. I intend to scrape the stuff … Continue reading

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If I were a dairy farmer, would the figure below be my significant udder?

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No Pun(s) Intended

I just discovered that one of President Obama’s bosom buddies was recently arrested in Hawaii for allegedly consorting with a prostitute. While I do not generally concern myself with the personal affairs of other people, there was something in the … Continue reading

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