Geography Quiz

On May 9, 1927 Brisbane replaced Melbourne as the capital of Australia. I am always delighted to be reminded of this fact, because whenever my students – at both high school and college levels – took a geography quiz that unexpectedly included the question “What is the capital of Australia?,” the results were often comically unimpressive. In my Chronicle of the Geography Quiz Hall of Shame, here are some of their most common answers:
1. Sydney
2. Not Sydney
3. I used to know this.
4. How many points is the worth?
5. New Zealand
6. Crocodile Dundee
7. Am I in the right classroom?
Do you know the capital of Australia, dear reader? I ask, because it isn’t Brisbane. You can, of course, consult the map below to find the answer, but that would mean that you have failed this little quiz, and I will quite naturally have to report that fact to all your former teachers.

All right, quit whining – here’s a follow-up question for which I will give you “extra credit” if you answer it correctly: What is the capital of Canada?
If you answered “Ottawa,” you get ten bonus points. If you answered “Who cares?,” you get twenty.

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