The Best of the West: Purple Cowboy 2009 Tenacious Red Wine

Now listen up, partners, because I have found a wine that delivers incredible value for the money, a wine so good, that coyotes out on the lone prairie are probably howling about it right now: Purple Cowboy 2009 Tenacious Red ($12). Blended largely from Cabernet           Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot, this full-bodied wine has enticing fruit and spice aromas that lead to generous blackberry, raspberry, dark plum, cherry, and currant flavors with hints of mocha and cinnamon on its lingering finish. It’s plain delicious – and that’s a fact.

A wine this rich naturally requires suitably robust fare to accompany it, and Purple     Cowboy 2009 Tenacious Red is uncommonly versatile in this regard, because it would be a good match for any number of savory foods, including barbecue, burgers, and even pizza. However, I think that it would be hard to beat the meal suggested on the Purple Cowboy website: tri-tip of beef roast grilled chuck-wagon style over oak and served with baked beans, garlic bread, and a green salad. I might add some corn on the cob to this feast, but that’s a quibble. In truth, any cowboy worth the name is going to find a great number of dishes to pair with such a splendid wine. Of course, the same thing is equally true for all you cowgirls, as well.

Happy Trails!

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