Happy Canada Day!

Today, 1 July 2011, is Canada Day, and I would like to congratulate our good neighbors to the north for just a few of the many things that make their country great: “O Canada” (one of the world’s loveliest and most moving national anthems), the Yukon (to which every literate American child – or adult – sometimes dreams of escaping; I have packed my bags and set out for Whitehorse on many occasions), the Mounties, Banff National Park, Kamloops (which I have always suspected is not a real city but rather a wry joke perpetrated on the world by Canadian cartographers; “Kamloops”?!), the Loonie (the best-named currency on the planet), civility (recent events in Vancouver notwithstanding), and publicly-funded health care (in this matter, Canada is the envy of most intelligent, informed Americans).

Enjoy your day, my Canadian friends!

a section of the Canadian Rockies

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