Three Verbal Snapshots on a Sweltering Summer Day

The bizarre structure shown in the photograph below sits mysteriously in the arid wasteland just north of Boulder, Colorado, and after considerable deliberation I have concluded that it must be a taxi stand for extraterrestrials. This is, this shed is undoubtedly a place where space aliens wait to be picked up by flying saucer taxis that return them to their home planets in distant galaxies. I mean, given its proximity to otherworldly Boulder, what else could it be?

When the meter is running, $1.25 per light year; intergalactic taxes may apply.

Also, please note the cone-shaped peak in the distance. It may look innocuous, but I know better. Clearly, I have chanced upon Dr. Evil’s secret volcano lair. There is no other explanation. Skeptics should consider this evidence from “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”: Dr. Evil: “Why must I be surrounded by frickin’ idiots?” He must be referring to nearby Boulder, since by “frickin’ idiots” he obviously meant “self-righteous narcissists.”

Dr. Evil - perhaps on Pearl Street at this very moment!

Finally, on a subject related to both beyond-this-world narcissism and comedy, after pondering some of her recent pronouncements and being fully aware of her love of expensive clothing, I have decided that Sarah Palin is bright, informed, articulate, and capable enough to be the leader of the world’s greatest self-proclaimed democracy, and so I hope that the electorate of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea makes her the country’s next Eternal President of the Republic. After all, she would have a multitude of adoring fans (adoration of the President is mandatory in North Korea), and since she would have absolute control over both the military and the media, no one would dare to question her edicts, motives, or clothing bills. All Hail President Sarah!

Resplendent Majesty - A Leader in Her Own Mind

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