Because sometimes we should all remember that other America – the one that could have been

August 1, 1794 – The Whiskey Rebellion begins in western Pennsylvania.

“After the Industrial Revolution, All Things Happen at Once,” by Robert Bly

Now we enter a strange world, where the Hessian
Still goes on, and Washington has not reached the other
The Whiskey Boys
Are gathering again on the meadows of Pennsylvania
And the Republic is still sailing on the open sea.

The Whiskey Boys

I saw a black angel in Washington dancing
On a barge, saying, Let us now divide kennel dogs
And hunting dogs; Henry Cabot Lodge, in New York,
Talking of sugar cane in Cuba; Ford,
In Detroit, drinking mother’s milk;
Henry Cabot Lodge, saying, “Remember the Maine!”
Ford, saying, “History is bunk!”
And Wilson saying, “What is good for General Motors . . .”

Coxey's Army

Who is it, singing? Don’t you hear singing?
It is the dead of Cripple Creek;
Coxey’s army
Like turkeys are singing from the tops of trees!
And the Whiskey Boys are drunk outside Philadelphia.”

Liberty Flag of the Whiskey Insurrection

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