An Artful Moment: Amjad Faur

For the sake of a fruitful collaboration between eye and mind:

"Separation Wall"

Amjad Faur is an American photographer and art history teacher who specializes in brilliantly contrived still-lifes. He describes himself as, “an artist simultaneously attempting to navigate photography’s contemporary role in art and populist models of thought as well as its relationship to art history.” The photograph above exemplifies one of Faur’s principal preoccupations, particularly in the exhibition of which it was a part – “Bethlehem in Wax”: “the visual content of the images is mostly informed by the transitional and elastic spaces found in the ethnic, political, and religious labyrinth of the Middle East – a region whose narratives are so often borne of both the control and immediacy of images.”

Below: “Stone’s Throw” – digital pigment print

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