An Artful Moment: Do Duy Tuan

For the sake of an aesthetically fruitful collaboration between eye and mind:

"Lady Resting"

Do Duy Tuan (b. 1949) is a Vietnamese artist who manages to capture a mood at once dreamlike and somber in his female subjects. His work is, I think, especially notable for the delicacy of his technique, which seems decidedly appropriate, given the subject matter of his canvasses.

"Lady Recalls Hometown"

‎”I finally found my inner peace, and it reflects in my creations. My art embraces the nostalgic and romantic ambiance of Hue, of the glorious past, and of the divine, dream-like beauty that I have yet to reconcile with today’s civilization. My subjects reflect my heart and soul and are not challenging, for I want my viewers to appreciate and enjoy them as if they were actually creating the artworks themselves.” Do Duy Tuan

"Bird Song in Cage"

"Lady in Deep Thoughts"

In his love of gentler times, I think that Do Duy Tuan speaks for many of us, and I also think that I speak for many of us when I say that this is a man with whom it would be immensely pleasant to converse over a cup of tea.

"Lady in White"

"In the Spring"

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