An Artful Moment: Shoson Ohara

For the sake of an aesthetically fruitful collaboration between eye and mind:

"Herons and Reeds Under a Crescent Moon"

Shoson Ohara (1877-1945) was a Japanese painter and printmaker who specialized in depicting birds and flowers.

"Egrets in the Snow"

Shoson began his career working in the nature print genre, though he was also adept with human subjects.

"Snow at Yanagi Bridge"

Shoson’s prints became immensely popular in the West, mostly in consequence of the 1930 and 1936 Toledo Museum exhibitions. In fact, more prints were sold by Shoson during these shows than by any other artist, at least partly because of their beautifully decorative character.

"Sleeping Mallards"

The prints and paintings of Shoson Ohara can be found in museums and private collections around the world.

"Canary with Roses"

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