A Timely Sports Note: The Big East Conference Should Go South

28 October 1538: The first university in the New World, the Universidad Santo Tomas de Aquino, is established in what is today Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and the anniversary of its founding has inspired me with a plan that could help NCAA football. I think that every fan of college football should contact the commissioner of the Big East Conference, which is now scrambling to replace member schools soon to depart, and suggest that he should immediately recruit the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas into the league. After all, Santo Domingo is nearly 1,000 miles closer to Big East universities than at least one of the schools the Big East covets – Boise State – and it doubtless has better academics.

I know that some people will object to my proposal on the grounds that USTA does not have a football team, but if you have watched any college football for the past two years, realistically speaking, the same can be said about all the current Big East Conference schools, as well.

The University of St. Thomas Aquinas

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