An Artful Moment: Juliette Aristedes

For the sake of an aesthetically fruitful collaboration between eye and mind:

"A Thousand Days"

Juliette Aristedes is an artist and art instructor who currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. In her teaching, she is passionate about the need for her students to acquire a rigorous education in the principles of classical realism, and the fruits of that conviction are readily apparent in her paintings.

"The Artist"

In her words, “Traditional skills are necessary for developing a foundational base for the artist to work from. It is craftsmanship that opens the door to effective self-expression. I am excited about teaching the methods from our artistic inheritance. I know that once this knowledge becomes commonplace again, it can only enrich our cultural life.”

"Bendheim Rememberance"

Aristides began her studies in 1968 at Design Systems, then studied drawing and painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, went on to study at The Atelier in Minneapolis, and then had two years of instruction at the National Academy in New York.

"The Geometer's Study"

Juliette received both the Wilder Prize for Drawing and the Albert Hallgarten Traveling Scholarship. She is also the recipient of an Elisabeth Greenshields Grant and frequently contributes to “Artist’s Magazine.”

"Mirror of Reason"

Juliette Aristides currently teaches at the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, where she founded the award-winning Classical Atlier Program. She has also written two books: “Classical Drawing Atlier” and “Classical Painting Atelier.” Finally, this quote can serve as a particularly eloquent expression of her artistic vision and educational philosophy: “I have a simple belief that the goal of learning to draw and paint is attainable by anyone who is willing to pursue it. It is as accessible as learning to write or play a musical instrument. There is more than one path a person can follow to be a well-trained artist. What is necessary, however, is a passion for excellence, discipline, and an unflinching desire to pursue truth.” That sounds very much like a formula for any sort of well-conducted and deeply fulfilling life.


To learn more about Juliette Aristedes and to view additional examples of her work, visit her website:

"The Poets"

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