Some Advice That Is More Than Cosmetic

Elizabeth Arden

Born 31 December 1884 – Florence Nightingale Graham, Canadian-American businesswoman who, under the name Elizabeth Arden, built a cosmetics empire in the United States and became one of the wealthiest women on the planet. Here is a quote from Elizabeth Arden that every male should ponder in the new year: “Treat a horse like a woman and a woman like a horse. And they’ll both win for you.”

Gentlemen: Given Elizabeth Arden’s impeccable credentials (she was a woman; she was rich), if your girlfriend/spouse/concubine (lucky you!) objects to this sound relationship advice, she is almost certainly either a man-hating feminist or, worse, a liberty-loathing socialist, and so you should dump her immediately.

Below: An appropriate gift for your special lady (oats not included).

Custom Leather Feed Bag

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