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“Boy Meets Girl”: Love Story or Mental Illness?

15 December 1973 – The American Psychiatric Association declares that homosexuality is not a form of mental illness. I find it interesting that the Association has never made the same declaration about heterosexuality. Given the multiple calamities associated with heterosexual … Continue reading

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It’s All Been Foretold

Born 14 December 1503 – Nostradamus, alleged French seer and one of the principal darlings of tabloid journalism, along with a few other odd creatures, including the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Lindsay Lohan. The so-called “prophecies” of Nostradamus are, … Continue reading

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An Artful Moment: Emily Carr

For the sake of an aesthetically fruitful collaboration between eye and mind: Emily Carr (1871-1945) was a Canadian painter and writer. She studied and worked in San Francisco, England, and France, but her art blossomed in the 1930s, when she … Continue reading

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A Pensive Occasion for Those Who Love Both the English Language and Human Intelligence

Died 13 December 1784 – Samuel Johnson, English poet, essayist, literary critic, biographer, and lexicographer. Johnson was the author of the first definitive dictionary in the history of the English language, and his contributions to our literary heritage are immense. … Continue reading

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