Classic Translation

Like Basil Fawlty, “I learnt Classical Spanish,” and not the sort of drivel that they teach in schools or actually speak in, well, Spanish-speaking countries.

A note to a female Spanish teacher:

Subject: El Hispanio Classico

I know that Spanish is gender sensitive (“la feminista touche’” – “a bitchy female grammarian might stab you with a saber”), and so, given your feminine persuasion, the heading should probably read “Herspania Classica,” but that’s a quibble (“el problemo minisculo”). My point is that I have been brushing up (“el sweepo skywardo”) on my Classical Spanish, and my most recent effort appears below.

The Text:
“Hola!!! Me llamo Roberto! Yo soy muy inteligente! buena noche!”

My Translation:
“Dear Ditch: My alpaca’s name is Bob. Listen: It’s smart to drink soy beverages, especially with boney nachos.”

Pretty impressivo (“impressive”).

El Professoro Neralich – Linguisto Varioso

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