A Parable for Father’s Day: The Fate of Shah Jahan

I am sure that almost everyone has heard of Shah Jahan, a ruler of the Mughal Empire in South Asia, and the man who built the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra, India as a tomb for his beloved wife. What many people do not know is that Shah Jahan’s treacherous third son declared him incompetent, made himself Emperor, and placed his father under house arrest in a cell in the Agra Fort, from which he could see the Taj Mahal that he was never again permitted to visit.

Shah Jahan: Father and, in consequence, victim

While some individuals will doubtless find this anecdote interesting, it is, for me, of more than casual moment, as will become immediately apparent to everyone upon the rapidly approaching day when my three sons conspire to have me declared legally incompetent, make themselves wards of my estate, and then consign me to perpetual solitude in a dingy room in a cut-rate retirement home in Colorado that looks out on the distant mountains that I will never again be permitted to visit.

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