Djuna Barnes: A Voice Worthy Of Our Considered Attention

“Life is painful, nasty and short… in my case it has only been painful and nasty.” – Djuna Barnes, American writer, who died six days after her ninetieth birthday.

The cosmopolitan and bohemian Djuna Barnes is perhaps best known for her controversial novel “Nightwood,” of which T.S. Eliot declared “only sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it.”

Some quotes from Djuna Barnes:

“A strong sense of identity gives man an idea he can do no wrong; too little accomplishes the same.”
“After all, it is not where one washes one’s neck that counts but where one moistens one’s throat.”
“An image is a stop the mind makes between uncertainties.”
“Dreams have only the pigmentation of fact.”
“New York is the meeting place of the peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical American.”

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