Life during The Dim Ages in the United States

According to various polls and surveys, of American adults:

42% cannot locate Japan on a world map; 15% cannot locate the United States; 33% cannot locate the Pacific Ocean.
Only 15% know the name of the Vice-President of the United States.
Only 2% can name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but 59% can name The Three Stooges.
94% could not explain what a molecule is.
60% had no idea how the United States came into existence.
50% had never heard of the Cold War.
Only 12% know the names of their Congressman and both U.S. Senators from their state.
60% cannot name the three branches of government.
30% believe they have made contact with the dead.
70% believe in the existence of angels.
45% did not know that Germany was our enemy during WWII.
50% cannot place the Civil War within a half-century of its actual dates.

HOWEVER, nearly 100% can vote, bear arms, serve on school boards, be elected to political office, and have children.

And Americans wonder why the flying saucers don’t land.

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