American Muse: Edward Dorn


“Dark Ceiling”

Broad black scar the valley is
and sunday is
…… the wide arc
..the small lights of homes come on
in that trough.

……Burnish my heart
……with this mark

Furnish my soul with the hope
Far away and by a river
In the darkness of a walnut stand.

no home, no back.

All is this wrong key, the lark
……but his voice trails off
in the snow. He has not
brought his meadow.
The starling’s
..insolent whistle
is the truth here — dark smoke

drifts in from the morning fertilizer factory
and men there return lamely
to work, their disputes not settled.

Below – The largest lead mine in the world surrounded by dead trees – Kellogg, Idaho: photograph by Arthur Rothstein, July 1936.

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