March Offerings – Part XVII: Something to Delight both Head and Heart

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
aSt. Patrick

Happy Chahar-Shanbeh Souri

aChahar-Shanbeh Souri

American Art – Part I of IV: Rob Harrell

Artist Statement: “For the past twelve years, I’ve worked as a fine artist, cartoonist, and freelance illustrator.
My figurative paintings are currently represented by the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX, and the Hespe Gallery in San Francisco, CA.”

“The human narrative, as we write it in novels and poems and stories, is a tale of never getting over the shock of life.” – Michael Kelly, American journalist, who was born 17 March 1957.

In the words of one historian, “(Kelly) came to prominence through his reporting on the first Gulf War, and was well known for his political profiles and commentary… Kelly was the first US journalist to be killed while covering the invasion of Iraq, in 2003.”

In the words of one writer, “Wang Niandong was born in 1978 in Zigong, Sichuan Province, China. He attended Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing from 1997 to 1998. He did his graduate study at the oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute in Chongqing from 1998 to 2002. Wang currntly teaches in Sichuan Fine Art Institute. He splits his time in Chongqing and Beijing.”

From the Music Archives – Part I of III: John Sebastian

“I certainly hear the Trombones Unlimited version of ‘Daydream’ in a lot of elevators.” – John Sebastian, American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and founder of The Lovin’ Spoonful, who was born 17 March 1944, on success.

Spanish painter Adolfo Ramon (born 1947) has attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.


From the Music Archives – Part II of III: Ringo Starr

17 March 1972 – Ringo Starr releases “Back Off Boogaloo” in the United Kingdom.

Bulgarian painter Sylvia Pavlova (born 1979) lives and works in Sofia, where she is a designer for Radina fashion house.

From the Music Archives – Part III of III: Billy Corgan and Melissa Auf der Maur

“It’s gonna be loud and beautiful and poetic and dumb. Just the way I like it.” – Billy Corgan, American musician and lyricist best known as a member of The Smashing Pumpkins, who was born 17 March 1967.
“He’s not so huggable, but I love him.” – Melissa Auf der Maur, Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, actress, photographer, and a member of The Smashing Pumpkins, who was born 17 March 1972, on Billy Corgan.

Anna Taut was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated Faculty of Painting from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2009.

From the Dance Archives: Rudolf Nureyev

“I don’t care if Margot (Fonteyn) is a Dame of the British Empire or older than myself. For me she represents eternal youth; there is an absolute musical quality in her beautiful body and phrasing. Because we are sincere and gifted, an intense abstract love is born between us every time we dance together.” – Rudolf Nureyev, one of the most celebrated twentieth century practitioners of ballet and modern dance, who was born 17 March 1938 near Irkutsk, Russia.

Here is the Artist Statement of Argentinean painter
Santiago H. Michalek: “As an artist, I celebrate the things that are sometimes difficult to fully render in words, particularly qualities associated with passion and fascination. What drives human interests? What elements compel the human spirit? How can I convey the most elusive emotions through my art?
In concept, my paintings are simple. I paint Volkswagen vehicles, capturing subtleties in the interplay of light on metal and paint. The interest in my work lies in the allure and iconic charge associated with vintage Volkswagens. Everyone knows a classic VW when they see one: the curved lines, unmistakable paint, and delicately rounded bumpers. I strive to evoke the near-mythical elements that surround these vehicles – elements that are palpable, vivid, and utterly indelible – sparking memories which, as a culture, unite us. I often learn the stories surrounding the vintage VWs that I restore in my garage. These stories bring my artistic work to life. I’m not just painting what I do for a living. I’m painting the collective reminiscent history of several generations spanning the world.”
Santiago H. Michalek lives and works in the United States.

From the Movie Archives: Kurt Russell

“I don’t really look for specific types of projects any more. I’m not taking care of a career anymore. I’m just having fun acting.” – Kurt Russell, American television and film actor, who was born 17 March 1951.

Cinematic perfection:

American Art – Part II of IV: Kenyon Cox

“A decorator tainted with insanity.” – Kenyon Cox, American painter, illustrator, muralist, writer, and teacher, who died 17 March 1919, on Paul Cezanne.

Below – “Portrait of Louise”; “Approach of Love”; “Hope and Memory”; “After the Harvest.”


From the American History Archives: The National Gallery of Art

In the words of one historian, “Designed by architect John Russell Pope (who would go on to design the Jefferson Memorial), the new structure was completed and accepted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on behalf of the American people on March 17, 1941.”
aNational Gallery

Spanish painter Juan Cossio (born 1960) lives and works in Madrid.

“I am just going outside, and may be some time.” – The last words of English cavalry officer and Antarctic explorer Lawrence Oates, who died 17 March 1912.

Lawrence Oates died during the Terra Nova Expedition. In the words of one historian, “Oates, afflicted with gangrene and frostbite, walked from his tent into a blizzard. His death is seen as an act of self-sacrifice when, aware his ill health was compromising his three companions’ chances of survival, he chose certain death.”

Above – Lawrence Oates in 1912.
Below – Lawrence Oates tending horses during the Terra Nova Expedition; “A Very Gallant Gentleman,” a tribute to Lawrence Oates painted by John Charles Dollman.

American Art – Part III of IV: Ryan Swallow

Here is how one critic describes the artistry of painter Ryan Swallow: “Ryan Swallow paints hauntingly beautiful figures, expressing emotion through the figure, causing anyone who gazes long enough to see a piece of themselves. Ryan Swallow, a self-taught painter who currently resides in Arizona, has produced more than 100 paintings in his 18 years as a professional painter.”

A Poem for Today

“To You,”
By Kenneth Koch

I love you as a sheriff searches for a walnut
That will solve a murder case unsolved for years
Because the murderer left it in the snow beside a window
Through which he saw her head, connecting with
Her shoulders by a neck, and laid a red
Roof in her heart. For this we live a thousand years;
For this we love, and we live because we love, we are not
Inside a bottle, thank goodness! I love you as a
Kid searches for a goat; I am crazier than shirttails
In the wind, when you’re near, a wind that blows from
The big blue sea, so shiny so deep and so unlike us;
I think I am bicycling across an Africa of green and white fields
Always, to be near you, even in my heart
When I’m awake, which swims, and also I believe that you
Are trustworthy as the sidewalk which leads me to
The place where I again think of you, a new
Harmony of thoughts! I love you as the sunlight leads the prow
Of a ship which sails
From Hartford to Miami, and I love you
Best at dawn, when even before I am awake the sun
Receives me in the questions which you always pose.

Below – Pierre Auguste Renoir: “In the Garden.”

American Art – Part IV of IV: Lynn Sanguedolce

Here is one critic has written about painter Lynn Sanguedolce: “Lynn was recently honored by being selected, for the second consecutive year, as a Finalist in the Portrait Society of America’s International Portrait Competition. She is also serves on the Faculty of the Portrait Society of America Conference held in Atlanta this year… Lynn studied at the Ridgewood Art Institute, N.J., The Art League of Alexandria, VA, and the California Art Institute in Westlake Village, CA, where she later became an instructor.”

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