Spring Equinox 2017


Below – Takeyce Walter: “Spring Equinox”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Frederick Leighton: “Return of Persephone”

Musings in Spring: Mary Oliver

“Come with me into the woods where spring is
advancing, as it does, no matter what,
not being singular or particular, but one
of the forever gifts, and certainly visible.”

Below – Harriet Hue: “Spring Trees”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Alfred Sisley: “Spring Orchard”

Musings in Spring: Lucy Maud Montgomery

“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.”

Below – David Hockney: “Arrival of Spring”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Istvan Csok: “The Awakening of Spring”

A Poem for Spring

“[in Just-]”
By E. E. Cummings

in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman

whistles          far          and wee

and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it’s

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old balloonman whistles
far          and             wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and




balloonMan          whistles

Below – J O Huppler: “Puddle Jumping”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Tom Thomson: “Spring Ice”

Musings in Spring: Lilly Pulitzer

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”

Below – Vincent van Gogh: “Fishing in Spring”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Geng Ting Shan: “Plum Blossom Greets Coming Spring in Snow”

Musings in Spring: Mark Twain

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

Below – Terry Redlin: “Spring Fever”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Vincent van Gogh: “Blossoming Almond Tree”

A Second Poem for Spring

By Billy Collins

If ever there were a spring day so perfect,
so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze

that it made you want to throw
open all the windows in the house

and unlatch the door to the canary’s cage,
indeed, rip the little door from its jamb,

a day when the cool brick paths
and the garden bursting with peonies

seemed so etched in sunlight
that you felt like taking

a hammer to the glass paperweight
on the living room end table,

releasing the inhabitants
from their snow-covered cottage

so they could walk out,
holding hands and squinting

into this larger dome of blue and white,
well, today is just that kind of day.

Below – Justin Beckett: “Late Light on Mount Maxwell”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Utagawa Fusatane: “Comparison of Beauties with Spring Flowers: Cherry, Mountain Rose, and Plum”

Musings in Spring: E E. Cummings

Spring)and everyone’s
in love and flowers pick themselves”

Below – Peter Taylor Quidley: “Apple Blossom”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Claude Monet: “Willows in Spring”

Musings in Spring: Emma C. Dowd

“A wizard must have passed this way

Since—was it only yesterday?

Then all was bare, and now, behold,

A hundred cups of living gold!”

Below – Pat Koscienski: “Spring’s Sunshine”

Welcoming Spring with Art – George Wilson: “The Spring Witch”

Musings in Spring: Emily Dickinson

“A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.”

Below – Frederic Soulacroix: “Spring”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Alfons Mucha: “Spring”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Claude Monet: “Spring Orchard”

A Third Poem for Spring

“A Light exists in spring”

By Emily Dickinson

A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period —
When March is scarcely here

A Color stands abroad
On Solitary Fields
That Science cannot overtake
But Human Nature feels.

It waits upon the Lawn,
It shows the furthest Tree
Upon the furthest Slope you know
It almost speaks to you.

Then as Horizons step
Or Noons report away
Without the Formula of sound
It passes and we stay —

A quality of loss
Affecting our Content
As Trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a Sacrament.

Below – Harold Knight: “Morning Sun”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Pablo Picasso: “Spring”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Paul Cezanne: “The Four Seasons: Spring”

Musings in Spring: Hal Borland

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”

Below – Jamie Williams Grossman: “Spring Buds”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Pierre Auguste Renoir: “Spring (The Four Seasons)”

A Fourth Poem for Spring

“In Perpetual Spring”
By Amy Gerstler

Gardens are also good places
to sulk. You pass beds of
spiky voodoo lilies   
and trip over the roots   
of a sweet gum tree,   
in search of medieval   
plants whose leaves,   
when they drop off   
turn into birds
if they fall on land,
and colored carp if they   
plop into water.

Suddenly the archetypal   
human desire for peace   
with every other species   
wells up in you. ‘The lion   
and the lamb cuddling up.’
The snake and the snail, kissing.
Even the prick of the thistle,   
queen of the weeds, revives   
your secret belief
in perpetual spring,
your faith that for every hurt   
there is a leaf to cure it.

Below – Louise: “Thistle”

Welcoming Spring with Art -Sandro Botticelli: “Primavera (Allegory of Spring)”

Musings in Spring: Pablo Neruda

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming. “

Below – Nita Leger Casey: “Spring Fields of Wild Flowers”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Pierre Auguste Cot: “Springtime”

A Fifth Poem for Spring

“The Trees”
By Philip Larkin

The trees are coming into leaf
Like something almost being said;
The recent buds relax and spread,
Their greenness is a kind of grief.

Is it that they are born again
And we grow old? No, they die too,
Their yearly trick of looking new
Is written down in rings of grain.

Yet still the unresting castles thresh
In fullgrown thickness every May.
Last year is dead, they seem to say,
Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

Below – Herb Dickinson: “Spring Foliage”

Welcoming Spring with Art – John Everett Millais: “Spring (Apple Blossoms)”

Musings in Spring: Ellis Peters

“Every spring is the only spring — a perpetual astonishment.” 

Below – John William Waterhouse: “Windswept”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Arthur Herbert Buckland: “Spring”

Musings in Spring: Ruth Stout

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”

Below – Dante Gabriel Rossetti: “Gardening (Spring)”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Wilson J. Ong: “Persephone”

Musings in Spring: Rainer Maria Rilke

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”

Below – Joan Mentzinger: “Spring Landscape”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Grant Wood: “Spring in Town”

Welcoming Spring with Art – Anita Huffington: “Persephone Rising” (marble)

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