Another Rainy Friday in the Pacific Northwest

Musings in Spring: Saleem Sharma

“A star-spangled sky and you were looking the other way,
the night beckoned and waited and you waited for the day.”

Art for Spring – Part I of II: Denis Oktyabr (Russian, contemporary)

Below – “Roses”

A Poem for Today

By Hazel Hall

Last night when my work was done,
And my estranged hands
Were becoming mutually interested
In such forgotten things as pulses,
I looked out of a window
Into a glittering night sky.

And instantly
I began to feather-stitch a ring around the moon.

Art for Spring – Part II of II: Franco Puliti (American, contemporary)

Below – “Boston Harbor”

Musings in Spring: Jack Kerouac

“I was suddenly left with nothing in my hands but a handful of crazy stars.”

Contemporary American Art – Juuri

Artist Statement: “My art is an attempt to visually capture the nostalgic moods from my earliest  childhood in Japan. I feel slightly out of place anywhere I travel on earth, but those warm memories and nuances are home to me.
My vision manifests itself in realistic watercolor faces surrounded by cultural elements, pattern or flora, and deep symbolism pertaining to my ponderings at the time of painting.
I hope that by evoking those moods through color and form, I can impart to my viewers a glimpse of simplicity, peace, and exotic yet unassuming beauty… and the importance for the fleeting feelings that make us feel home.”

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