Mid-Week Musings in May

Musings in Spring: J. B. Priestly

“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.”

Art for Spring – Part I of V: Darren Baker (British, contemporary)

Below – “African Bull” (drawing)

Musings in Spring: William Butler Yeats

“Before us lies eternity; our souls
Are love, and a continual farewell.”

Art for Spring – Part II of V: Marcia Baldwin (American, contemporary)

Below – “Koi Three Abstract”

A Poem for Today

“Turning of the Year”
By Judy Ray

We never know if the turn
is into the home stretch.
We call it that—a stretch
of place and time—
with vision of straining,
racing.  We acknowledge
each turn with cheers
though we don’t know
how many laps remain.
But we can hope the course
leads on far and clear
while the horses have strength
and balance on their lean legs,
fine-tuned muscles, desire
for the length of the run.
Some may find the year smooth,
others stumble at obstacles
along the way.  We never know
if the finish line will be reached
after faltering, slowing,
or in mid-stride, leaping forward.

Art for Spring – Part III of V: John Anthony Baldessari (American, contemporary)

Below – “Two Unfinished Letters”

Musings in Spring: Tracy Kidder

“Don’t worry about being worried. You’re heading out on an adventure and you can always change your mind along the way and try something else.” 

Art for Spring – Part IV of V: Jan Balet (French, 1913-2009)

Below – “This Is My Song of Love”

A Second Poem for Today

By Floyd Skloot

My wife sits in her swivel chair
ringed by skeins of multicolored yarn
that will become the summer sweater
she has imagined since September.
Her hand rests on the spinning wheel
and her foot pauses on the pedals
as she gazes out into the swollen river.
Light larking between wind and current
will be in this sweater. So will a shade
of red she saw when the sun went down.
When she is at her wheel, time moves
like the tune I almost recognize now
that she begins to hum it, a lulling
melody born from the draft of fiber,
clack of spindle and bobbin, soft
breath as the rhythm takes hold.

Art for Spring – Part V of V: David Ballew (American, contemporary)

Below – “Winter Evening, Emma Creek – Basalt, CO”

Musings in Spring: Daniel Wallock

“The moon rested right above the mountains, a place I call home.”

Contemporary American Art – Rita Zimmerman

In the words of one writer, “Rita Zimmerman considers herself a portrait artist but is also well known for her abstract displays of wild animals and exotic birds. This being one of her favorite subject areas, Zimmerman paints animals because they are free from civilized constraint.
Her abstract style based in realism and romanticism make her works that much more intriguing to the viewer. Rita’s works have been shown in many exhibitions and are in numerous museum, corporate and private collections.”

Below – “African Dreamer”; “First Born”; “Goomba”; “Red Garden”; “Italian Slippers.”

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