Friday, 12 May 2017 – and It’s Raining

Musings in Spring: Virginia Woolf

“How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on the stake. Let me sit here for ever with bare things, this coffee cup, this knife, this fork, things in themselves, myself being myself.”

Art for Spring – Part I of V: Burt Barr (American, contemporary)

Below – “V-Formation”

Musings in Spring: Abraham Lincoln

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”

Art for Spring – Part II of V: Jennifer Bartlett (American, contemporary)

Below – “Four Seasons: Spring”

A Poem for Today

“Armed Services Editions”
By Jehanne Dubrow

My copy of ‘The Fireside Book of Verse’
is as the seller promised—the stapled spine,
the paper aged to Army tan—no worse
for wear, given the cost of its design,
six cents to make and printed on a press
once used for magazines and pulp. This book
was never meant to last a war much less
three quarters of a century.
                                             I look
for evidence of all the men who scanned
these lines, crouched down in holes or lying in
their racks. I read the poems secondhand.
Someone has creased the page. Did he begin
then stop to sleep? to clean his gun perhaps?
to listen to the bugler playing taps?

Art for Spring – Part III of V: Edward Barton (American, 1926-2012)

Below – Untitled (Wharf)

A Second Poem for Today

“Weather Man”
By Patricia Traxler

When it snows, he stands
at the back door or wanders
around the house to each
window in turn and
watches the weather
like a lover. O farm boy,
I waited years
for you to look at me
that way. Now we’re old
enough to stop waiting
for random looks or touches
or words, so I find myself
watching you watching
the weather, and we wait
together to discover
whatever the sky might bring.

Art for Spring – Part IV of V: Steve Barton (American, contemporary)

Below – “Tahoe”

Musings in Spring: William Butler Yeats

“Though the great song return no more
There’s keen delight in what we have:
The rattle of pebbles on the shore
Under the receding wave.”

Art for Spring – Part V of V: Leonard Baskin (American, 1922-2000)

Below – “A Cheyenne Woman in the Robes of a Secret Society”

Musings in Spring: Hermann Hesse

“Solitude is independence. It had been my wish and with the years I had attained it. It was cold. Oh, cold enough! But it was also still, wonderfully still and vast like the cold stillness of space in which the stars revolve.”

American Art – Will Barnet (1911-2012)

In the words of one writer, “Will Barnet was born in Beverly, Massachusetts. He studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School and then at the Art Students League in New York. He cites Daumier as his first great inspiration at the age of 14, both for “his profound vision of life and his unequalled draftsmanship.” A prolific graphic artist, Barnet changed his style significantly at different points in his career. His earliest works were influenced by expressionism. His work of the 1930s and 1940s deals with the social themes in the forefront of the depression era, but also the more personal theme of the mother and child. They were followed by abstract works in the 1950s and 1960s, and finally evolved into more figurative works of silhouetted forms set against geometrically designed backgrounds. From the earliest years Barnet valued concept equally with technique. Printmaking gave him a wider, freer means of expression although painting has remained another important medium throughout his career.”

Below – “Circe II”; “Combing”; “Silent Season”; “Play”; “Way to the Sea”; “Aurora.”

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