27 July 2017 – Beleaguered in Bothell

Musings in Summer: Lucy Maud Montgomery

“Don’t you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling up and down your back?”

Art for Summer – Part I of VI: Hayley Lever (Australian, 1876-1958)

Below – “Bronx, N Y 1907”

Musings in Summer: Orhan Pamuk

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Art for Summer – Part II of VI: Dorit Levi (Israeli, contemporary)

Below – “Awakening”; “Dream”; “Wave of Change”

A Poem for Today

“Noguchi’s Fountain”
By Helen T. Glenn

The release of water in the base
so controlled that the surface tension,
tabletop of stability, a mirror,
remains unbroken. Moisture seeps
down polished basalt sides.

This is how I grieve, barely
enough to dampen river stones,
until fibers in my husband’s
tweed jacket brush my fingers
as I fold it into a box. How close
the whirlpool under my feet.

Art for Summer – Part III of VI: Charles Levier (French, 1920-2003)

Below – “Girl Holding Flowers”

Musings in Summer: Annie Dillard

“We are here to abet creation and to witness it, to notice each thing so each thing gets noticed. Together we notice not only each mountain shadow and each stone on the beach but we notice each other’s beautiful face and complex nature so that creation need not play to an empty house.”

Art for Summer – Part IV of VI: Larry Renzo Lewis (American, contemporary)

Below – “Emotional Temptation” (life size bronze)

Musings in Summer: Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“Friendship is born from an identity of spiritual goals – from common navigation toward a star.”

Art for Summer – Part V of VI: Jiang Li (Chinese, contemporary)

Below – “Solo Flight”

Musings in Summer: Adrienne Su

“But the night doesn’t swallow her up.
Everywhere she goes she is still there;
the silence is as big as herself.”

Art for Summer – Part VI of VI: Frank Licsko (Hungarian-Canadian, contemporary)

Below – “Roads”

Musings in Summer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but … life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”

Below – Paige Badley: “Expansion” (bronze)

Contemporary American Art – Adam Licsko

In the words of one writer, “(This) 38 year-old California artist, has been painting professionally since 2001. Within the first five years of his professional debut, his unique minimalist style attracted an international following and critical acclaim. He has collections with Nissan, Amgen Cancer Research Institute, Seagate Technologies, Raytheon, Loyola Marymount University, Cisco Systems and State Farm, to name just a few, as well as numerous celebrity collectors. Paintings he has donated have raised funds for charities, including Make A Wish Foundation- Miami, Central Coast Wine Classic, and The Ventana Wildlife Society (for the California condor) and Greenspace.”

Below – “Night For Day”; “Rolling In”; “Fence Lines”; “Reaching Out”; “Mid Summer’s’ Night”; “Illuminated Man.”

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