Current Events – 30 October 2017

“Established politicians are also bumping into a new cast of characters within corridors of legislative power. In 2010 parliamentary elections in Brazil, for example, the candidate who won the most votes anywhere in the country (and the second-most-voted congressman in the country’s history) was a clown – an actual clown who went by the name of Tiririca and wore his clown costume while he campaigned. His platform was as anti-politician as it gets. ‘I don’t know what a representative in congress does,’ he told voters in YouTube video that attracted millions of voters, ‘but if you send me there I will tell you.’ He also explained that his goal was ‘to help needy people in this country, but especially my family.’” – Moises Naim; in the words of one writer, “Moisés Naím is an internationally-syndicated columnist and best-selling author of influential books.”

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