Sentient in Seattle – 29 March 2018

Musings in Spring: Alain de Botton

“At the beginning of human history, as we struggled to light fires and to chisel fallen trees into rudimentary canoes, who could have predicted that long after we had managed to send men to the moon and airplanes to Australasia, we would still have such trouble knowing how to tolerate ourselves, forgive our loved ones, and apologize for our tantrums?”

Art for Spring – Part I of II: Miguel Vila (Spanish, contemporary)

Below – “Old Sarria Station”; “Road to the Forum”; “Composition for a Wall”

Worth a Thousand Words: Part of the Pura Bratan (Hindu) temple complex in Bali, Indonesia.

Art for Spring – Part II of II: Victor Villarreal (Mexican, contemporary)

Below (all bronze) – “Isadora”; “Seated Ballerina”; Untitled Dancer

Musings in Spring: Andrew Vachss

“A dog is like a person—he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.”

This Date in Art History: Died 29. March 1891 – Georges Seurat, a French painter.

Below – “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”; “Circus Sideshow”; “Bathers at Asnieres”; “Gray weather, Grande Jatte”; “The Circus”; “The Models.”

A Poem for Today

“White Apples”
by Donald Hall

when my father had been dead a week
I woke with his voice in my ear
I sat up in bed

and held my breath
and stared at the pale closed door

white apples and the taste of stone

if he called again
I would put on my coat and galoshes

This Date in Art History: Died 29 March 2013 – Reginald Gray, an Irish portrait artist.

Below – “Portrait of Australian writer Jill Neville”; “Portrait of Tracey Emin”; ”Portrait of Hollister Hovey”; “Interior with Catherine”;
“Seated Nude”; “Self-Portrait.”

Musings in Spring: Mary Oliver

“Here is an amazement—once I was twenty years old and in every motion of my body there was a delicious ease, and in every motion of the green earth there was a hint of paradise, and now I am sixty years old, and it is the same.”

This Date in Art History: Born 29 March 1862 – Adolfo Muller-Ury, a Swiss-born American painter.

Below – “Portrait of a Woman in Lavender”; “Still Life with Pink Roses”; “Portrait of a dark-haired beauty in a white veil”; “Portrait of a Woman in Profile”; “Waldlichtung”; “Seated Nude Lady.”

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