Sentient in Seattle – 27 July 2018

Musings in Summer: Maria Elena

“I’d love to wake up to complete silence, white sheets, and the smell of crisp air and roses.”

Below – Eva Gonzales: “Woman Awakening”

Art for Summer – Part I of II: Alex Khomsky (Russian, contemporary)

Below – “Lady in Gold”; “Summer Bouquet”; “Violinist”

For Your Information: 27 July is National Creme Brûlée Day in the United States.

Art for Summer – Part II of II: Tim King (American, contemporary)

Below – “Spring Flowers” (bronze); “Girl Torso” (alabaster); “Summer Sunday” (bronze)

A Poem for Today

“Fireflies in the Garden”
by Robert Frost

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can’t sustain the part.

Below – Sharon Farber: “Fireflies”

This Date in Art History: Born 27 July 2018 – Joseph Anton Koch, an Austrian painter.

Below – “Arcadian Landscape”; “Raub von Proserpina”; “Macbeth and the Witches”; “Mountain Landscape with Lake”; “Schmadribach Waterfall”; “The Wetterhorn from the Rosenlaui.”

Worth a Thousand Words: Tulip fields in the Netherlands.

This Date in Art History: Died 27 July 1942 – Karl Parsimagi, an Estonian painter.

Below – “Interior”; “Femme lisant”; “Femme japonaise”; “Une hache dans la lune”; “Interior”; “Nude.”

A Poem for Today

by Amy Lowell

The day is fresh-washed and fair, and there is a smell of tulips and narcissus in the air.
The sunshine pours in at the bath-room window and bores through the water in the bath-tub in lathes and planes of greenish-white. It cleaves the water into flaws like a jewel, and cracks it to bright light.
Little spots of sunshine lie on the surface of the water and dance, dance, and their reflections wobble deliciously over the ceiling; a stir of my finger sets them whirring, reeling. I move a foot and the planes of light in the water jar. I lie back and laugh, and let the green-white water, the sun-flawed beryl water, flow over me. The day is almost too bright to bear, the green water covers me from the too bright day. I will lie here awhile and play with the water and the sun spots. The sky is blue and high. A crow flaps by the window, and there is a whiff of tulips and narcissus in the air.

Below – Edgar Degas: “Woman in Her Bath”

Contemporary American Art – Mark King

In the words of one writer, “Mark King is a California Impressionist, landscape and portrait artist. Mark King, a champion of Impressionism and the Ecole de Paris, was born in Bombay in 1931 of British parents. King is the product of an exotic and privileged upbringing in India, where he lived until the age of sixteen during the tumultuous last days of the British Raj. In 1961 King decided to concentrate on painting and moved to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Louvre. Mark King has carefully studied the old and modern masters from Cimabue and Masaccio to Goya, Turner, Degas and Bonnard.”

Below – “Elephants at Sundown”; “Giverney Wisteria, Agapanthes Bridge”; “Tiger”; “Tryst”; “Harbour Town”; “Leopard.”

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