Sentient in San Francisco – 3 October 2018

Musings in Autumn: Vincent van Gogh

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Below – Vincent van Gogh: “Starry Night Over the Rhone”

This Date in Art History: Born 3 October 1865 – Gustave Loiseau, a French painter.

Below – “La Seine à Herblay, été”; “La pointe du Décollé à Saint-Lunaire”; “L’Église de Bennecourt”; “Les Falaises (Normandie)”; “Paysage.”

Worth a Thousand Words: Childe Hassam: “Couch on the Porch, Cos Cob.”

This Date in Art History: Born 3 October 1882 – A. Y. Jackson, a Canadian painter.

Below – “Red Maple”; “Algoma (Riverside in Autumn)”; “Lake Superior”; “Aurora”; “Smart River”; “Burnt Island.”

A Poem for Today

“Souvenir of the Ancient World”
by Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Clara strolled in the garden with the children.
The sky was green over the grass,
the water was golden under the bridges,
other elements were blue and rose and orange,
a policeman smiled, bicycles passed,
a girl stepped onto the lawn to catch a bird,
the whole world–Germany, China–
all was quiet around Clara.

The children looked at the sky: it was not forbidden.
Mouth, nose, eyes were open. There was no danger.
What Clara feared were the flu, the heat, the insects.
Clara feared missing the eleven o’clock trolley:
She waited for letters slow to arrive,
She couldn’t always wear a new dress. But she strolled in the garden,
in the morning!
They had gardens, they had mornings in those days!

Below – Pierre Auguste Renoir: “Woman in a Garden”

This Date in Art History: Died 3 October 2015 – Gerald Squires, a Canadian painter and Illustrator.

Below – “They Fled The Earth And Naked Climbed The Weather”; “Venus Lies Starstruck in her Wound”; “To the Fisherman Lost on the Land”; “Martha Ball’s Point”; “The Ridge”; “There is Nothing Left of the Sea But its Sound.”

Musings in Autumn: Sara Teasdale

“Autumn Dusk I saw above a sea of hills A solitary planet shine, And there was no one, near or far, to keep the world from being mine.”

Below – Venus in the night sky.

Contemporary American Art – Dan McCaw

In the words of one writer, “Dan McCaw is an American Impressionist painter known for his city scenes, interiors, and still lifes with soft color harmonies and gentle subject matter. Dan McCaw is especially noted for his technique of painting figures in a muted haze of color, whether painting city street scenes or interior views.”

Below – Untitled Moonlight Traveler; “Passing Through”; “Memories”; “Set Sail”; “Harmony”; ’Female Nude.”

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