Sentient in San Francisco – 9 October 2018

Musings in Autumn: Anatole France

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Art for Autumn: Vyacheslav Mikhailov (Russian, contemporary)

Below – “Leda and the Swan”; “Landscape”; “Christmas”

Worth a Thousand Words: Yukon Territory, Canada.

This Date in Art History: Born 9 October 1874 – Nicholas Roerich, a Russian painter and archaeologist.

Below – “Mountain of Five Treasures”; “Path to Kailas”; “Lake of the Nagas”; “Three Jewels”; “Star of the Hero”; “New Moon.”

Musings in Autumn: Theodore Roosevelt

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

This Date in Art History: Born 9 October 1947 – John Doubleday, an English painter and sculptor.

Below – “Blackwater Moon”; “Distant Water”; “Echoes”; “Blackwater”; “Liminal State”; “Still Life with Gin Bottle.”

Remembering a Writer on the Date of Her Death: Died 9 October 2014 – Carolyn Kizer, an American poet and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

“The Great Blue Heron”
by Carolyn Kizer

M.A.K. September,1880-September,1955

As I wandered on the beach
I saw the heron standing
Sunk in the tattered wings
He wore as a hunchback’s coat.
Shadow without a shadow,
Hung on invisible wires
From the top of a canvas day,
What scissors cut him out?
Superimposed on a poster
Of summer by the strand
Of a long-decayed resort,
Poised in the dusty light
Some fifteen summers ago;
I wondered, an empty child,
“Heron, whose ghost are you?”

I stood on the beach alone,
In the sudden chill of the burned.
My thought raced up the path.
Pursuing it, I ran
To my mother in the house
And led her to the scene.
The spectral bird was gone.
But her quick eye saw him drifting
Over the highest pines
On vast, unmoving wings.
Could they be those ashen things,
So grounded, unwieldy, ragged,
A pair of broken arms
That were not made for flight?
In the middle of my loss
I realized she knew:
My mother knew what he was.

O great blue heron, now
That the summer house has burned
So many rockets ago,
So many smokes and fires
And beach-lights and water-glow
Reflecting pinwheel and flare:
The old logs hauled away,
The pines and driftwood cleared
From that bare strip of shore
Where dozens of children play;
Now there is only you
Heavy upon my eye.
Why have you followed me here,
Heavy and far away?
You have stood there patiently
For fifteen summers and snows,
Denser than my repose,
Bleaker than any dream,
Waiting upon the day
When, like grey smoke, a vapor
Floating into the sky,
A handful of paper ashes,
My mother would drift away.

James Williamson: “Great Blue Heron”

Contemporary American Art – Pablo Antonio Milan

In the words of one writer, “He is a recognized contemporary artist known for his powerful, brightly colored paintings. The images of his southwest heritage explode onto the canvas with loose brushstrokes revealing expressionistic versions of warriors, dancers and horsemen riding across landscape. The intense variations of colors and forms in the Southwest are also evident in his abstract paintings. The artist is renowned for his variety of painting techniques utilizing acrylic blends with broad brush strokes and heavy texture to delicate washes and splatters all in union to produce his own unique style of contemporary art.”

Below – “Four Indian Warriors on Horse Back”; “Monument Valley”; “Kachina Dancer”; “Western Landscape With Riders”; “Starlight Dance”; “Turquoise Sunset.”

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