Sentient in San Francisco – 15 February 2019

Contemporary American Art – Corey Brazzell: Part I of II.

Below – “Connection”; “Sun Risers”; “Breath”; “Water Ways”; “Floating Universes”; “Gem & I.”

A Poem for Today

“The Sugar Thief”
by Nick Balbo

If it was free, you taught, I ought to grab it
as you did: McDonald’s napkins, pens,
and from the school where you were once employed
as one of two night shift custodians,
the metal imitation wood wastebasket
still under my desk. But it was sugar
that you took most often as, annoyed
on leaving Dunkin’ Donuts, pancake house,
and countless diners, I felt implicated
in your pleasure, crime, and poverty.
I have them still, your Ziploc bags of plunder,
yet I find today, among the loose
change in my pockets, packets crushed or faded—
more proof of your lasting legacy.

Contemporary American Art – Corey Brazzell: Part II of II.

Below – “Now Here”; “Light in the Abyss”; “Reflecting Love”; “Little Wings of Infinity”; “Hallway to the Self”; “Fearless.”

Musings in Winter: Anais Nin

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Below – Hermann Siebert: “Woman walking in mountains”

Contemporary British Art – Iva Troj: Part I of II.

Below – “What Gives”; “I Turned Them All Into Birds II”; “The General”; “Don’t Worry, Baby, I’m Coming”; “Sleep Quiet”; “What Purpose”; “Embrace Series VI.”

A Poem for Today

“The Wading Pool”
by George Bilgere

The toddlers in their tadpole bodies,
with their squirt guns and snorkels,
their beautiful mommies and inflatable whales,
are still too young to understand
that this is as good as it gets.

Soon they must leave the wading pool
and stand all day at the concession stand
with their hormones and snow cones,
their soul patches and tribal tattoos,
pretending not to notice how beautiful they are,

until they simply can’t stand it
and before you know it
they’re lined up on lawn chairs,
dozing in the noonday sun
with their stretch marks and beer bellies,
their ‘Wall Street Journals’ and SPF 50.

Contemporary British Art – Iva Troj: Part II of II.

Below – “See Me”; “Milk”; “Milk Series – Girls”; “Bride Series Diptych – Sensitive to Light”; “Old Eyes III”; “Sorry to See You Go”; “People in the Grass.”

A Poem for Today

by Barbara Walker

It’d been a long winter, rags of snow hanging on; then, at the end
of April, an icy nor’easter, powerful as a hurricane. But now
I’ve landed on the coast of Maine, visiting a friend who lives
two blocks from the ocean, and I can’t believe my luck,
out this mild morning, race-walking along the strand.
Every dog within fifty miles is off-leash, running
for the sheer dopey joy of it. No one’s in the water,
but walkers and shellers leave their tracks on the hardpack.
The flat sand shines as if varnished in a painting. Underfoot,
strewn, are broken bits and pieces, deep indigo mussels, whorls
of whelk, chips of purple and white wampum, hinges of quahog,
fragments of sand dollars. Nothing whole, everything
broken, washed up here, stranded. The light pours down, a rinse
of lemon on a cold plate. All of us, broken, some way
or other. All of us dazzling in the brilliant slanting light.

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