Sentient in San Francisco – 26 June 2019

This Date in Art History: Died 26 June 1927 – Armand Guillaumin, a French painter.

Below – “Landscape with Ruins”; “Agay”; “Snowy landscape in Crozant”; “View of the Seine, Paris”; “Landscape.”

This Date in Literary History: Born 26 June 1914 – Laurie Lee, an English author and poet.

“Home From Abroad”
by Laurie Lee

Far-fetched with tales of other worlds and ways,
My skin well-oiled with wines of the Levant,
I set my face into a filial smile
To greet the pale, domestic kiss of Kent.

But shall I never learn? That gawky girl,
Recalled so primly in my foreign thoughts,
Becomes again the green-haired queen of love
Whose wanton form dilates as it delights.

Her rolling tidal landscape floods the eye
And drowns Chianti in a dusky stream;
he flower-flecked grasses swim with simple horses,
The hedges choke with roses fat as cream.

So do I breathe the hayblown airs of home,
And watch the sea-green elms drip birds and shadows,
And as the twilight nets the plunging sun
My heart’s keel slides to rest among the meadows.

Below – Kent, England.

Contemporary Spanish Art – Iasen Sokolov

Below – “Vagabundo”; “Homage to Fortuni”; “Beggar”; “Mariana”; “Home.”

Musings in Summer: Eduardo Galeano

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.”

Below – Susan Brower: “Wine Lovers”

Contemporary British Art – Andy Allen: Part I of II.

Below – “Kozy II”; “Slunna”; “Praha 6”; “The Drawing Room”; “The Sentinel”; “Exclusive.”

A Poem for Today

“For the Chipmunk in My Yard”
by Robert Gibb

I think he knows I’m alive, having come down
The three steps of the back porch
And given me a good once over. All afternoon
He’s been moving back and forth,
Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs,
While all about him the great fields tumble
To the blades of the thresher. He’s lucky
To be where he is, wild with all that happens.
He’s lucky he’s not one of the shadows
Living in the blond heart of the wheat.
This autumn when trees bolt, dark with the fires
Of starlight, he’ll curl among their roots,
Wanting nothing but the slow burn of matter
On which he fastens like a small, brown flame.

Contemporary British Art – Andy Allen: Part II of II.

Below – “Kozy”; “Red House”; “Fools Gold”; “Midnight Swim”; “Frasers Lodge”; “Making Shadows.”

A Poem for Today

“Love Story”
by James Doyle

The kitchen door opens onto dirt
and the second half of the country
all the way to the Pacific. Rusted
prairie trains out of the tall weeds
elbow the last century aside, rumble
from every direction towards Chicago.

My great-grandfather, who would be
150 years old today, put on his one
tall hat and took the big trip
to Omaha for my great-grandma
with the family ring on his vest
and winter wheat lying wait in seed.

He gave her all the miles he had
and she gave him the future I walk
around in every day. The mountains
were too far west to count so they
doubled back over the land and century
and the real weather kept coming from them.

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