Sentient in San Francisco – 27 September 2019

Contemporary British Art – Gary Anderson

Below – “Drifting Home”; “Signing Off”; “Swamping”; “Beyond Green Belt”; “View from my garret”; “Windy over Langshaw.”

This Date in Literary History: Died 27 September 2005 – Mary Lee Settle, an American writer, author of “Blood Tie,” and recipient of the National Book Award.

Some quotes from the work of Mary Lee Settle:

“The first time you are reconciled to the terrible unfairness of disappointment, you are getting old.”
“Recorded history is wrong. It’s wrong because the voiceless have no voice in it.”
“To paraphrase Thoreau, it was not sherry I drank nor I who drank sherry; it was the wine of the Hesperides and I was served it by the wind from the west.”
“Having watched herself in the speckled mirror … she was already shocked beyond surprise at what the flat hand of age could do.”
“I start with a question. Then try to answer it.”

Contemporary French Art – Chris Stevens

Below – “Dreaming of the Arc”; “Q & A”; “20 Avenue de L’Abbaye”; “Fuzztone”; “Had a Smoke, Had a Dream”; “Breaking Bad.”

A Poem for Today

“Ode to Marbles”
by Max Mendelsohn

I love the sound of marbles
scattered on the worn wooden floor,
like children running away in a game of hide-and-seek.
I love the sight of white marbles,
blue marbles,
green marbles, black,
new marbles, old marbles,
iridescent marbles,
with glass-ribboned swirls,
dancing round and round.
I love the feel of marbles,
cool, smooth,
rolling freely in my palm,
like smooth-sided stars
that light up the worn world.

Note: Max Mendelsohn wrote this poem when he was twelve years old.

Contemporary Canadian Art – Mitch Davis-Mann

Below – “Gravity”; “Exonerate”; “Inevitable”; “Alone in Nowhere.”

This Date in Literary History: Born 27 September 1906 – William Empson, an English literary critic and poet.

Some quotes from the work of William Empson:

“This world is good enough for me, if only I can be good enough for it.”
“Life involves maintaining oneself between contradictions that can’t be solved by analysis.”
“Proust has listed a great many reasons why it is impossible to be happy, but, in the course of being happy, one finds it difficult to remember them.”
“The difficult part of good temper consists in forbearance, and accommodation to the ill-humors of others.”
“The central function of imaginative literature is to make you realize that other people act on moral convictions different from your own.”

Contemporary British Art – Nigel Sharman

Below – “Prizewinners”; “Still Life With Sliced Apple”; “Still Life With Glass and Bottle”; “Two Fishing Boats With Shadows”; “Japanese Table”; “Skinny Dippers II.”

A Poem for Today

“The Epic Stars”
by Robinson Jeffers

The heroic stars spending themselves,
Coining their very flesh into bullets for the lost battle,
They must burn out at length like used candles;
And Mother Night will weep in her triumph, taking home her heroes.
There is the stuff for an epic poem-
This magnificent raid at the heart of darkness, this lost battle-
We don’t know enough, we’ll never know.
Oh happy Homer, taking the stars and the Gods for granted.

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