Sentient in San Francisco – 26 April 2020

Contemporary British Art – Irina An: Part I of II.

Below – “Palm Trees and Alina”; “Inside girl”; “Blue”; “Eniko”; “Dreaming.”

This Date in Literary History: Born 26 April 1946 – Marilyn Nelson, an American poet.

by Marilyn Nelson

Thank you for these tiny
particles of ocean salt,
pearl-necklace viruses,
winged protozoans:
for the infinite,
intricate shapes
of submicroscopic
living things.

For algae spores
and fungus spores,
bonded by vital
mutual genetic cooperation,
spreading their
inseparable lives
from equator to pole.

My hand, my arm,
make sweeping circles.
Dust climbs the ladder of light.
For this infernal, endless chore,
for these eternal seeds of rain:
Thank you. For dust.

Contemporary British Art – Irina An: Part II of II.

Below – “Modern Maids of Honor”; “Fantasy Trust”; “Dreams of Hope. Sisters”; “Routine.”

A Poem for Today

“A Poppy Blooms”
by Katsushika Hokusai

write, erase, rewrite
Erase again, and then
A poppy blooms.

Below – Katsushika Hokusai: “Poppies”

Contemporary American Art – Kristin Moore: Part I of II.

Below – “Pann’s”; “I-35 South”; “Out West”; “West Texas Moon”; “LA Palms”; “View From The Getty”; “Pico Blvd.”

A Poem for Today

“Over the Wintry”
by Natsume Soseki

Over the wintry
Forest, winds howl in rage
With no leaves to blow.

Below – Utagawa Hiroshige: “Evening Snow at Kambara”

Contemporary American Art – Kristin Moore: Part II of II.

Below – “Sunset Blvd. II”; “Over LA (Palms)”; “Marfa Moonrise”; “LA Cityscape”; “Marfa Sunset (Blue)”; “Segovia, TX”; “Hollywoodland (Sunset).”

A Poem for Today

“Haiku [for you]”
by Sonia Sanchez

love between us is
speech and breath. loving you is
a long river running.

Below – Katsushika Hokusai:: “Tama River in Musashi Province”

Contemporary British Art – Simon McCheung

Below (photographs) – “Interstellar | This is Home”; “Interstellar | Awoken”; “Escape from Wonderland”; “An Underwater Spell”; “Insomnia 2”; “Reluctance.”

A Poem for Today
“The Night Where You No Longer Live”
by Meghan O’Rourke

Was it like lifting a veil
And was the grass treacherous, the green grass

Did you think of your own mother

Was it like a virus
Did the software flicker

And was this the beginning
Was it like that

Was there gas station food

and was it a long trip
And is there sun there
or drones
or punishment
or growth
Was it a blackout

And did you still create me
And what was I like on the first day of my life
Were we two from the start
And was our time an entrance
or an ending
Did we stand in the heated room
Did we look at the painting

Did the snow appear cold
Were our feet red with it, with the wet snow

And then what were our names
Did you love me or did I misunderstand

Is it terrible
Do you intend to come back

Do you hear the world’s keening

Will you stay the night

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