Sentient in San Francisco – 4 June 2020

Contemporary Australian Art – Loui Jover – Part I of II.

Below – “music now”; “Omega”; “serene days”; “Infinity”; “vogue”; “all stars big red ones.”

A Poem for Today

“The Geraniums”
by Genevieve Taggard

Even if the geraniums are artificial
Just the same,
In the rear of the Italian café
Under the nimbus of electric light
They are red; no less red
For how they were made. Above
The mirror and the napkins
In the little white pots . . .
. . . In the semi-clean café
Where they have good
Lasagna . . . The red is a wonderful joy
Really, and so are the people
Who like and ignore it. In this place
They also have good bread.

Contemporary Australian Art – Loui Jover – Part II of II.

Below – “wild hearts”; “flash”; “bird life”; “starlette”; “forever far away”; “top hat.”

A Poem for Today

“Shine, Perishing Republic” (1925)
by Robinson Jeffers

While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity, heavily thickening
to empire
And protest, only a bubble in the molten mass, pops and sighs out, and the
mass hardens,
I sadly smiling remember that the flower fades to make fruit, the fruit rots
to make earth.
Out of the mother; and through the spring exultances, ripeness and deca-
dence; and home to the mother.

You making haste haste on decay: not blameworthy; life is good, be it stub-
bornly long or suddenly
A mortal splendor: meteors are not needed less than mountains:
shine, perishing republic.
But for my children, I would have them keep their distance from the thick-
ening center; corruption
Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster’s feet there
are left the mountains.
And boys, be in nothing so moderate as in love of man, a clever servant,
insufferable master.
There is the trap that catches noblest spirits, that caught–they say–
God, when he walked on earth.

Below – Edmund Weiss: “Leonid Meteor Storm” (1888)

Contemporary American Art – Veta Barker

Below – “Foggy Afternoon”; “Emptiness for Breathing”; “Dwindling of the Light”; “Lyrics with Sky”; “Sunset Therapy”; “Clouds swimming.”

A Poem for Today

by Sharon Olds

After we flew across the country we

got in bed, laid our bodies

delicately together, like maps laid

face to face, East to West, my

San Francisco against your New York, your

Fire Island against my Sonoma, my

New Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idaho

bright on my Great Lakes, my Kansas

burning against your Kansas your Kansas

burning against my Kansas, your Eastern

Standard Time pressing into my

Pacific Time, my Mountain Time

beating against your Central Time, your

sun rising swiftly from the right my

sun rising swiftly from the left your

moon rising slowly from the left my

moon rising slowly from the right until

all four bodies of the sky

burn above us, sealing us together,

all our cities twin cities,

all our states united, one

nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Below- Egon Schiele: “Embrace (Lovers II)”

Contemporary Hungarian Art – Janos Huszti

Below – “Purple Light”; “Not Alone In The Dark”; “Shine”; “Chilly Chilly”; “White Stripes”; “Far Away From You.”

A Poem for Today

“The Death of the Bee”
by Linda Pastan

The biography of the bee
is written in honey
and is drawing
to a close.

Soon the buzzing
plainchant of summer
will be silenced
for good;

the flowers, unkindled
will blaze
one last time
and go out.

And the boy nursing
his stung ankle this morning
will look back
at his brief tears

with something
like regret,
remembering the amber
taste of honey.

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