Wandering in Woodacre – 7 July 2020

Contemporary Austrian Art – Daniel Wimmer

Below – “warming”; “secret”; “bomb”; “down is the new up 6”; “sun bath”; “curves.”

This Date in Literary History: Died 7 July 1984 – George Oppen, an American poet and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

Some quotes from the work of George Oppen:

“I think there is no light in the world
but the world
and I think there is light…’
“Ultimately the air
Is bare sunlight where must be found
The lyric valuable.”
“There are things
We live among ‘and to see them
Is to know ourselves’.”
‘It is impossible the world should be either good or bad
If its colors are beautiful or if they are not beautiful
If parts of it taste good or if no parts of it taste good
It is as remarkable in one case as the other…’

Contemporary Australian Art – Loui Jover

Below – “dragons and dreams”; “optimistic daze”; “epiphany”; “fast”; “northern light”; “suncity”; “possibility.”

A Poem for Today

“Love Poem”
by Alan Feldman

The sail is so vast when it’s laid out on the driveway.
I stake it with a screwdriver through the shackle
at the tack to stretch it smooth,
pulling on the head and clew. Now it’s smooth
as a night’s worth of new snow.

My wife, my partner, has been torn from her busy day.
We face each other across the sail’s foot
and with my right hand and her left hand
(I’m right handed, she’s left handed)
we pull an arm’s length of the sail
down over itself, then do this again,
keeping my left hand, and her right hand, towards the foot.

Each fold is easier since the sail grows narrower
near the top. Then we fold towards each other
and I wrap my arms around it, while she holds the bag’s mouth open,
the gray bag that will cover it through the winter.
Then I thank her. And the driveway is visible again
as it is in spring, when all the snow has melted.

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