Wandering in Woodacre – 10 September 2020

This Date in Art History: Born 10 September 1860 – Marianne von Werefkin, a Russian-German-Swiss painter.

Below – “In the Theater I”; “The Black Women”; “Storm Winds”; “Ice Skaters I”; “The Family”; “Self portrait.”

This Date in Literary History: Born 10 September 1886 – H.D. (pen name of Hilda Doolittle), an American poet, novelist, and memoirist: Part I of II.

Some quotes from the work of H.D.:

“I watch the white stars darken;
the day comes and the
white stars dim
and lessen
and the lights fade in the city.”

“We are voyagers, discoverers
of the not-known,
the unrecorded;
we have no map;
possibly we will reach haven,

“You can’t live on nothing.” “I can live on sunlight falling across little bridges. I can live on the Botticelli-blue cornflower pattern on the out-billowing garments of the attendant to Aphrodite and the pattern of strawberry blossoms and the little daisies in the robe of Primavera. I can live on the doves flying (he says) in cohorts from the underside of the faded gilt of the balcony of Saint Mark’s cathedral and the long corridors of the Pitti Palace. I can gorge myself on Rome and the naked Bacchus and the face like a blasted lightning-blasted white birch that is some sort of Fury.”

“At least I have the flowers of myself,
and my thoughts, no god
can take that;
I have the fervour of myself for a presence
and my own spirit for light;

and my spirit with its loss
knows this;
though small against the black,
small against the formless rocks,
hell must break before I am lost;

before I am lost,
hell must open like a red rose
for the dead to pass.”

“Let us search the old highways.”

Contemporary Italian Art – Fabio Cappellini

Below (photographs) – “Winter 3”; “Certaldo 2016”; “Snow 2”;
“From the Hill”; “Florentine horizon overexposed”; Untitled 1.

This Date in Literary History: Born 10 September 1886 – H.D. (pen name of Hilda Doolittle), an American poet, novelist, and memoirist: Part II of II.

“The Mysteries Remain”
by H.D.

The mysteries remain,
I keep the same
cycle of seed-time
and of sun and rain;
Demeter in the grass,
I multiply,
renew and bless
Bacchus in the vine;
I hold the law,
I keep the mysteries true,
the first of these
to name the living, dead;
I am the wine and bread.
I keep the law,
I hold the mysteries true,
I am the vine,
the branches, you
and you.

Below – Fragment of a Hellenistic relief (1st century BCE-1st century C.E.) depicting the twelve Olympians carrying their attributes in a procession.

Contemporary American Art – Julie Pace Hoff

Below – “Barn Quilts”; “Hide and Seek”; “Honoring To Do My Best”; “Patriotic Butterfly House”; “American Pumpkin Patch”; “Pier USA.”

A Poem for Today

“Early October Snow”
by Robert Haight

It will not stay.
But this morning we wake to pale muslin
stretched across the grass.
The pumpkins, still in the fields, are planets
shrouded by clouds.
The Weber wears a dunce cap
and sits in the corner by the garage
where asters wrap scarves
around their necks to warm their blooms.
The leaves, still soldered to their branches
by a frozen drop of dew, splash
apple and pear paint along the roadsides.
It seems we have glanced out a window
into the near future, mid-December, say,
the black and white photo of winter
carefully laid over the present autumn,
like a morning we pause at the mirror
inspecting the single strand of hair
that overnight has turned to snow.

Contemporary Irish Art – Keith Woodard

Below (photographs) – “Reeds in the Mist”; “Beach Boardwalk Portugal”; “Mountain Road of Expectation”; “Garage and House Ireland”; “One Owner Long Lease Available IV”; “Island Cemetery.”

A Poem for Today: Izumi Shikibu (Japanese, c. 974 – c.1034)

translated by Jane Hirshfield with Mariko Aratani

with no one to wait for,
why do my thoughts
along with the twilight?

Below – Yuanyuan Liu: “Twilight”

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