Wandering in Woodacre – 15 October 2020

Contemporary American Art – Stephen Walsh

Below – “Green Door Stable”; “Shed in Snow”; “Rockport Harbor”; “Beyond the Ledge”; “Sea and Sky.”

Musings in Autumn: Jane Hirshfield

“Something looks back from the trees,
and knows me for who I am.”

Below – Dado Motta: “Woman in the forest”

Contemporary Dutch Art – Bonnie Severien

Below – “Forest Hideaway”; “Serene Reality”; “Sun & Stars”; “Signs”; “Urban Nature Treasure #4”; “Reflections.”

A Poem for Today

by Daniel J. Langton

I was sent home the first day
with a note: Danny needs a ruler.
My father nodded, nothing seemed so apt.
School is for rules, countries need rulers,
graphs need graphing, the world is straight ahead.

It had metrics one side, inches the other.
You could see where it started
and why it stopped, a foot along,
how it ruled the flighty pen,
which petered out sideways when you dreamt.

I could have learned a lot,
understood latitude, or the border with Canada,
so stern compared to the South
and its unruly river with two names.
But that first day, meandering home, I dropped it.

Contemporary Croatian Art – Alina Neculcea: Part I of II.

Below – “The Cow – Nurturing And Patient – Take Care Of Yourself”; “Hummingbird Queen – Know Your Worth”; “Forest Shamanka – Start Helping Others”; “The Fox – Agility and Elegance”; “Sun Goddess”; “Modern Venus – The Beauty Of Small Pleasures.”

Musings in Autumn: Mary Oliver

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

Below – Amanda B Johnson: “She Watches”

Contemporary Croatian Art – Alina Neculcea: Part II of II.

“The Whale – Dive Deep Into Your Heart”; “Rising Sun – Renouncing Stiff Beliefs”; “Running Horses – Force In Action”; “Venus Awakens – A Call For Love And Balance”; “Rara Avis – Celebrate Your Uniqueness”; “The Tree – As Above So Below.”

A Poem for Today

“Flathead Lake, October”
by Geraldine Connolly

The eagle floats and glides,
circling the burnished aspen,

then takes the high pines
with a flash of underwing.

As surely as the eagle sails
toward the bay’s open curve,

as surely as he swoops and seizes
the struggling fish, pulling

it from an osprey’s beak;
so too, autumn descends,

to steal the glistening
summer from our open hands.

Below – Anil Sawe: “Aspens in Fall”

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