Wandering in Woodacre – 29 October 2020

Contemporary Estonian Art – Eduard Zentsik: Part I of II.

Below – “Make a wish”; “Girl and fox”; “Moon Cat”; “Tenderness and beauty”; “Dance”; “Girls and sky.”

A Poem for Today

“In Childhood”
by Sarah A. Chavez

In childhood Christy and I played in the dumpster across the street
from Pickett & Sons Construction. When we found bricks, it was best.
Bricks were most useful. We drug them to our empty backyard
and stacked them in the shape of a room. For months
we collected bricks, one on top another. When the walls
reached as high as my younger sister’s head, we laid down.
Hiding in the middle of our room, we watched the cycle
of the sun, gazed at the stars, clutched hands and felt at home.

Contemporary Estonian Art – Eduard Zentsik: Part II of II.

Below – “Mutual feelings”; “Porcelain dog”; “The messenger”; “Sisters”; “Passion and tenderness”; “Girls by the tree.”

A Poem for Today

“Prairie Sure”
by Carol Light

Would I miss the way a breeze dimples
the butter-colored curtains on Sunday mornings,
or nights gnashed by cicadas and thunderstorms?
The leaning gossip, the half-alive ripple
of sunflowers, sagging eternities of corn
and sorghum, September preaching yellow, yellow
in all directions, the windowsills swelling
with Mason jars, the blue sky bluest borne
through tinted glass above the milled grains?
The dust, the heat, distrusted, the screen door
slapping as the slat-backed porch swing sighs,
the hatch of houseflies, the furlongs of freight trains,
and how they sing this routine, so sure, so sure—
the rote grace of every tempered life?

Below – Mary Packikara: “Golden Prairie”

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