Wandering in Woodacre – 30 October 2020

Contemporary Polish Art – Grazyna Samej: Part I of II.

Below – “Coyote”; “Lipowica”; “Beekeeper woman”; “Milky Way II”; “Marcin”; “Branch of flowering cherry.”

A Poem for Today

“The New Dentist”
by Jaimee Kuperman

Driving to the new dentist’s office
the slow drive of a new place
with the McDonalds that I don’t go to
on the left, the mall two miles away.
The Courthouse and the Old Courthouse
road signs that break apart, the fork in the road
that looks nothing like a fork or a spoon, in fact
at best, maybe a knife bent in a dishwasher
that leans to one side. And I know the dentist
will ask about my last visit and want to know
in months that I can’t say some time ago
and I know he will ask me about flossing
and saying when I’m in the mood won’t be
the appropriate answer.
He will call out my cavities
as if they were names in a class.
I brush my teeth before going in.
It’s like cleaning before the cleaning person
but I don’t want him to know I keep an untidy
mouth. That I am the type of person who shoves
things in the closet before guests arrive.

Contemporary Polish Art – Grazyna Samej: Part II of II.

Below – “Beekeepers”; “Cherry tree”; “View from the boat”; “The monkeys”; “Beekeepers at sunset”; “Burning stubble.”

A Poem for Today

by Carol L. Gloor

At the moment of my mother’s death
I am rinsing frozen chicken.
No vision, no rending
of the temple curtain, only
the soft give of meat.
I had not seen her in four days.
I thought her better,
and the hospital did not call,
so I am fresh from
an office Christmas party,
scotch on my breath
as I answer the phone.
And in one moment all my past acts
become irrevocable.

Below – Flora Borsi: “Sadness” (photograph)

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