Wandering in Woodacre – 15 January 2021

Contemporary American Art – Tomoko Koyama

Artist Statement: “I was born and raised in Japan and moved to US in 2003. I have been painting ever since I was a little girl and studied at various schools in Japan, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. I find my peace and contentment in nature and that is where I get inspiration for my paintings from.”

Below – “Japanese Plum Blossoms”; “Moon and Red Cherry Blossoms”; “Purple Cherry Blossoms”; “Spring Blossoms”; “Guitar”; “Violin.”

This Date in Literary History: Died 15 January 2016 – Francisco X. Alarcon, an award-winning American poet.

“A Blank White Page”
by Francisco X. Alarcon

“A Blank White Page”

is a meadow
after a snowfall
that a poem
hopes to cross

Contemporary British Art – Stephen Mitchell

Below – “The Boatman”; “Sleeping Pigs”; “The Watchers”; “The Lost Trail”; “Flamboyance”; “Wild White Horses”; “Ballerinas in Blue.”

A Poem for Today

“Overnight at a Mountain Temple”
by Jia Dao (Chinese, 779 – 843)

Massed mountains tower in the cold light,
A simple study facing this sight.
Shooting stars penetrate sparse trees,
The moon saunters toward recoiling mist.
To this summit few visitors come,
No cranes flock to the lofty pines.
Only one eighty year old monk,
Who never hears of worldly affairs.

Below – Li Cheng: “Buddhist Temple in Mountain” (circa 960 C.E.)

Contemporary Singaporean Art – Eric Zhang

Below – “Old Town”; “Snow scene”; “Summer house”; “Mountain in Autumn Season”;“Walking Alone”; “Ruined wall.”

A Poem for Today
by Lyn Lifshin

“The Other Fathers”

would be coming back
from some war, sending
back stuffed birds or
handkerchiefs in navy
blue with ‘Love’ painted
on it. Some sent telegrams
for birthdays, the pastel
letters like jewels. The
magazines were full of fathers who
were doing what had
to be done, were serving,
were brave. Someone
yelped there’d be confetti
in the streets, maybe
no school. That soon
we’d have bananas. My
father sat in the grey
chair, war after war,
hardly said a word. I
wished he had gone
away with the others
so maybe he would
be coming back to us

Below – Kanit Boonwit” “Sitting in Armchair”

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