Wandering in Woodacre – 16 January 2021

Contemporary Chinese Art – Han Wang

Below – “Xiling Snow Mountain”; “Spring Fog of Emei Mountain”; “Fishing Hermit”; “Red fruit”; “Forget troubles”;“Falling galaxy.”

A Poem for Today

“Late in the Day, Gazing Out from a River Pavilion”
by Jia Dao (Chinese, 779 – 843)

Water to the horizon
Veils the base of clouds,
mountain mist
Blurs the far village.

Returning to nest, birds
make tracks in the sand;
passing on the river, a boat
leaves no trace on the waves.

I gaze at the water
and know its gentle nature;
watch the mountains
until my spirit tires.

Though not yet ready
to leave off musing,
dusk falls,
and I return by horse.

Below – Eric Zhang: “Mountain Pavilion”

Contemporary Chinese Art – Gang Xie

Below (ink and water painting) – “Bamboo”; “Mountain view”; “Morning View”;“Plum blossoms in snow”;“Spring valley”; “Fresh vegetables.”

A Poem for Today

“Bamboo House”
by Wang. Wei (Chinese, 699 – 759)

Sitting alone in a bamboo grove

Plucking a zither, repeating this song:

Deep in the forest, in a spot unknown

Waiting for a bright moon to come

Below – Arthur Sim: “Bamboo Grove”

Contemporary Japanese Art – Chisato Yamada

Below – “Magic Hour 046”; “Magic Hour 61”; “Magic Hour 070”;“Magic Hour 025”; “Magic Hour 026”; “From Phantom Home 001.”

A Poem for Today

by Nakajo Fumiko (Japanese, 1922 – 1954)

loneliness is not
one color;
evergreens stand
on a mountain
autumn dusk

Below – Raymond Gehman: “Silhouetted Pine Tree and Mountain Ridges at Sunset”

Contemporary Japanese Art – Yukio Montgomery

Below – “Uninterrupted stream”; “The Moment”; “Fly away”; “Fragile Leap”; “The Regal Dignity”; “Part of the Scenery.”

A Poem for Today

by Joette Giorgis

children grown—
dust accumulates
on half the kitchen table

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