Wandering in Woodacre – 15 February 2021

Contemporary British Art – Melinda Matyas: Part I of III.

Below – “Wind of change 3”; “Under the blue sky alone I celebrate”; “Breakfast forever”; “There’s a storm coming uncle Tom”; “Rising sun, kingdom of lead”; “Anima.”

A Poem for Presidents’ Day

“A Love Poem”
by George Washington

From your bright sparkling Eyes, I was undone;
Rays, you have, more transparent than the sun,
Amidst its glory in the rising Day,
None can you equal in your bright array;
Constant in your calm and unspotted Mind;
Equal to all, but will to none Prove kind,
So knowing, seldom one so Young, you’l Find
Ah! woe’s me that I should Love and conceal,
Long have I wish’d, but never dare reveal,
Even though severely Loves Pains I feel;
Xerxes that great, was’t free from Cupids Dart,
And all the greatest Heroes, felt the smart.

Contemporary British Art – Melinda Matyas: Part II of III.

Below – “Silent distance”; “How does it feel to be famous Mr. Van Gogh?”; “Sowing seeds in the dark”; “The forest I’ve lost with my childhood”; “Kitchen Prayer”; “I’ve shaken off the dust of the lands.”

A Poem for Presidents’ Day

“A death-bed Adieu: Th:J to MR.”
by Thomas Jefferson

Life’s visions are vanished, it’s dreams are no more.
Dear friends of my bosom, why bathed in tears?
I go to my fathers; I welcome the shore,
which crowns all my hopes, or which buries my cares.
Then farewell my dear, my lov’d daughter, Adieu!
The last pang in life is in parting from you.
Two Seraphs await me, long shrouded in death;
I will bear them your love on my last parting breath.

Contemporary British Art – Melinda Matyas: Part III of III.

Below – “Blue Horizon”; “The Leaver”; “Circus”; “Voyager”; “Moroccan Teacup”; “Broken Circles.”

A Poem for Presidents’ Day

“To Rosa”
by Abraham Lincoln

You are young, and I am older;
You are hopeful, I am not—
Enjoy life, ere it grow colder—
Pluck the roses ere they rot.

Teach your beau to heed the lay—
That sunshine soon is lost in shade—
That now’s as good as any day—
To take thee, Rosa, ere she fade.

Contemporary Ukrainian Art – Usenko Anastasiia

Below – “Tired”; “Corn”: “Granny”;” Terracotta girl”; “Blue model”; “Olive girl.”

A Poem for Presidents’ Day

“Old Four Eyes”
by Ricky Sholar

He wore wire rimmed glasses
Weird looking clothes
Had a fine rig for his horse
Passing through I suppose

But I learned from a friend
He was out here to stay
And that everyone said
He would not ride away

He had bought a large spread
And had cattle to work
But no one really liked him
He looked like an upitty jerk

But the word really spread
Old four eyes was alright
And every cowboy in town
Wanted a job over night

He could ride he could rope
With the guys all day long
And at the end of the day
Drink liquor and sing songs

Well they all came to like him
And they worked side by side
They would do anything for him
And together they’d ride

One day he stopped in
For a whiskey or two
When a drifter came in
Just out of the blue

He said pour me a drink
Charge it to four eyes over there
Well Ted never moved
He didn’t care

Well the drifter he drank
And to all their surprise
Ordered another and again
Said charge it to four eyes

Well Ted had enough
And he knocked the man down
Drug him outside
And watched him leave town

Now all the cowboys there
Were astounded and surprised
That this drifter was beaten
By the man called four eyes

Now that’s not all
That’s the way that it went
Cause He would return
To become the 26th President


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