Wandering in Woodacre- 23 February 2021

This Date in Art History: Born 23 February 1883 – Guy C. Wiggins, an American impressionist painter.

Below – “Fifth Avenue Storm”; “Park Avenue Winter”; “High Tide in the Cove”; “Snow on Brooklyn Bridge”; “Winter at the Library”; “Columbus Circle.”

A Poem for Today

“Father, Child, Water”
by Gary Dop

I lift your body to the boat
before you drown or choke or slip too far

beneath.  I didn’t think—just jumped, just did
what I did like the physics

that flung you in.  My hands clutch under
year-old arms, between your life

jacket and your bobbing frame, pushing you,
like a fountain cherub, up and out.

I’m fooled by the warmth pulsing from
the gash on my thigh, sliced wide and clean

by an errant screw on the stern.
No pain.  My legs kick out blood below.

My arms strain
against our deaths to hold you up

as I lift you, crying, reaching, to the boat.

Below – Scott Barrow: “Just Perfect” (photograph)

Contemporary Romanian Art – Laslo Sergiu

Below – “The Thinker”; “Serenity”; “Summer Day”; “Blue Sky”; “Roses”; “Nude.”


A Poem for Today

By Frank Steele

You’re expected to see
only the top, where sky
scrambles bloom, and not
the spindly leg, hairy, fending off
tall, green darkness beneath.
Like every flower, she has a little
theory, and what she thinks
is up.   I imagine the long
climb out of the dark
beyond morning glories, day lilies, four o’clocks
up there to the dream she keeps
lifting, where it’s noon all day.

Below – Mark Horton: “Wild Sunflower” (photograph)

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