Wandering in Woodacre – 1 June 2021

Greeting June

Below – Beta Sudnikowicz: “June afternoon”

Art for June – Jan-Thomas Olund: “road in early June”

A Poem for June

“June Light”
by Richard Wilbur

Your voice, with clear location of June days,
Called me outside the window.You were there,
Light yet composed, as in the just soft stare
Of uncontested summer all things raise
Plainly their seeming into seamless air.

Then your love looked as simple and entire
As that picked pear you tossed me, and your face
As legible as pearskin’s fleck and trace,
Which promise always wine, by mottled fire
More fatal fleshed than ever human grace.

And your gay gift—Oh when I saw it fall
Into my hands, through all that naïve light,
It seemed as blessed with truth and new delight
As must have been the first great gift of all.

Below – Rob van Hoek: “The June light sun”

Art for June – Elena Sokolova: “June”

A Poem for June

“All in June”
by Henry Davies

A week ago I had a fire
To warm my feet, my hands and face;
Cold winds, that never make a friend,
Crept in and out of every place.
Today the fields are rich in grass,
And buttercups in thousands grow;
I’ll show the world where I have been–
With gold-dust seen on either shoe.

Till to my garden back I come,
Where bumble-bees for hours and hours
Sit on their soft, fat, velvet bums,
To wriggle out of hollow flowers.

Below – Ali Moshiri: “june meadow”

Art for June – Anne Baudequin: “June 6, clouds over the mount Jalore”

A Poem for June

“Dusk in June”
by Sara Teasdale

Evening, and all the birds
In a chorus of shimmering sound
Are easing their hearts of joy
For miles around.

The air is blue and sweet,
The few first stars are white,–
Oh let me like the birds
Sing before night.

Below – Sergey Kudrin: “June”

Art for June – Simon Jones: “June Sunset 6”

Welcome, Wonderful June

Below – Carmelita Iezzi: “June” (collage)

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